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If you’re interested in creating the next big search engine, read this article first. Here, you’ll learn about Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Blekko, Naver, and more. In addition to these top search engines, you can also use other popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. All of these search engines have unique features, and you should check them out. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to creating the next big search engine.


As a Russian search engine, Yandex ranks higher than Google. This is because of the meta keywords tag it uses to determine your site’s relevance to your keyword. You should also focus on making your site load quickly so that it’s optimized for mobile viewing. Furthermore, if you’re trying to get your site to rank in Yandex, you should make sure that the content is fresh and readable on mobile devices.

Yandex is one of the top search engines in Russia, as it deals with 50% of the country’s total traffic. However, you shouldn’t forget that local SEO is different in each country, so you should tailor your search engine optimization strategy accordingly. For example, if your website is based in Moscow, you’ll want to optimize your listing in Russian, because Russians tend to use phrases like ppc services in Moscow or buy shoes in Rostov.


DuckDuckGo is a new search engine that integrates with other Google accounts, but is completely anonymous and does not track your personal data. It uses data from your email accounts to show relevant ads to you and explicitly states that it does not share your information with other companies. The company plans to grow fast, and currently has about 80 million users. The site also boasts a variety of other features, such as its privacy-friendly browsing experience.

Ecosia is a Berlin-based search engine that uses money from advertising to plant trees. It donates 0.5 cents per search, which means it takes 45 searches to fund one tree. Since its foundation, Ecosia has planted 130 million trees. The company ranks fifth in the US with 0.13% of market share. This means that DuckDuckGo is a safer alternative for many web surfers, while its competitor is not known for being as ethical.


The new search engine, Blekko, is making waves in the internet marketing world. You may be wondering what Blekko is, but the video above will give you a good idea. It’s akin to a wikipedia for search-engines, and it analyzes everything from SEO to social media, videos, and copywriting. It even analyzes websites for duplication. In addition to being a great tool for SEO, Blekko helps you make better decisions about your website design and copywriting.

Users have the power to create slashtags on Blekko. It is easy to do, because the search engine has hundreds of them already. They are also paired with reliable websites, which gives you a great starting point for creating your own slashtags. Just create an account and click ‘Create New Tag’. Your slashtag name must relate to your niche.


Naver is a popular search engine in Korea. The search results on Naver are heavily populated with ads, as the site prefers to prioritize its own products. Users can also browse through the store’s existing products on the Naver shopping platform. The search engine uses user intent and purchasing patterns to determine which products and services to feature. In addition to search engines, Naver features a knowledge base of questions and answers, called Knowledge iN. The order of these categories depends on the type of query and the user’s history.

Unlike Google and other major search engines, Naver’s search engine results page is divided into several sections. The results for any specific query are displayed as organic results, maps, images, videos, and related ads. Additionally, Naver also includes Covid’s information center, as well as websites from AliExpress and Egloo. A fully optimised website will appear in more than one location, depending on its ranking in Google.


Microsoft’s Bing search engine is one of the top 10 search engines in the world. This search engine was once known as MSN Search, but Microsoft has recently converted it to Bing. The search results from Bing are considered to be better than those of Google and Yahoo. Bing is also putting on continuous efforts to prove to the public that it can provide even better search results. Bing is now the default search engine in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. It also has a user-friendly homepage and a plethora of features, such as interface updating, local information, conversions, shopping, spelling check, and flight tracking.

Microsoft launched Bing in 2009, and today, it is the default search engine for Microsoft’s web browser. In addition to providing web and image search results, Bing also offers maps and video search. Bing’s Places feature allows businesses to submit their details and optimise their search results. It has a market share of just 0.05 percent, but it is still one of the top 10 search engines.


Although Yahoo is no longer in a head-to-head competition with Google, its web portal remains popular with over a billion monthly visits according to Alexa. Its clean, easy-to-navigate interface, wide catalog of websites, and excellent search results are all appealing to users. Additionally, Baidu, the top search engine in China, is gaining in popularity. Like Google, Baidu offers premium quality search results and an intuitive user interface.

Aside from search results, Yahoo also offers other features and services. For instance, users can compose an email right from the search bar. They can also use the search box to access various websites and vertical properties. Yahoo is also considered one of the top 10 search engines due to its integration with Flickr. Users can also use Yahoo to search for local businesses and view photos of nearby locations. In addition to this, Yahoo also offers home page browsing and the Yahoo Directory Home Page. The Yahoo Directory Home Page gives users access to directory-related links and search results.

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